Natural  mouthwatering 

from a small-scale chocolate factory near Hafrsfjord (Stavanger, Norway)

Photo from Hafrsfjord: «Swords and moon» by Richard Larssen ©

Silver winner in the Craft Chocolat Challenge 2023

About Fjorden sjokolade

Fjorden sjokolade (chocolate) wants to change Norwegians chocolate habits by making chocolate from world class cacao beans that will give you a new look at chocolate flavour. We want to bring forward the natural flavour variety that exists in the cacaofruit and appreciate the work the cacaofarmers are doing to give us this amazing raw material that the cacaobeans are. A world of natural cacaoflavours awaits you when you taste our chocolates!

"Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food."

Michael Levine, Princeton university

Bag of Ambohimena cacao beans from Madagascar

Our chocolate

Cacao contains almost as many identified flavour compounds as you’ll find in wine and coffee. We are offering you these amazing flavours as chocolate bars (dark, milk, white and with inclusions), bonbons and other chocolate products

Organic cacaobeans
organic canesugar
higher price paid to the farmers



Alvasteinveien 5

4043 Hafrsfjord



Opening hours

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 09:00-15:00