Sjokoladen i vårt påskeegg
The chocolate in our easter egg

Mana, Filippinene

Mana cocoa beans comes from the Davao Region in Mindanao in the South Philippines. 

Our 70 % dark chocolate won Silver Medal in the International Craft Chocolat Challenge in 2023.

Mana cocoa has a complex, yet balanced, flavour profile. You will find notes of dried fruit,
sweetness, roasted nuts and a long floral finish.

In Davao, both individual farmers and cooperatives deliver their wet beans to a quality post-
harvesting facility, run by Auro as a social enterprise. All beans are 100 % traceable. Davao has become the country's cacao capital; almost 80 % of all cacao grown in the country is grown in this region.

Ambohimena, Madagascar

MAVA Ambohimena cacao has an aromatic round profile with alternating flavours of dried fruits, nuts and sweet flavours, supported by fresh red fruits, and a long aftertaste of mint. For a Malagasy cacao Ambohimena is relatively low in chocolaty flavours.

In 2015 two Malagasy families bought the dilapidated government-owned MAVA plantation with the purpose to produce fine flavour cacao, and make the best ever chocolate with these home-grown beans to add value to the island’s economy. In a few years both missions were accomplished: MAVA cacao is known as one of the best from Madagascar, and the chocolate made with it won prices galore. MAVA plantation is a sought after job opportunity; the work has a good salary, health insurance for permanent workers, transport for administrative staff (plantation workers live in the vicinity of the farms), and housing with solar power for the farm supervisors. Furthermore, farm workers have access to a 0.3 ha field on MAVA’s land to grow their own staple goods. 

The information above is copied from our supplier

Konfekten i påskeegget

Fra venstre:
  1. Pasjonsfrukt
  2. Salt karamell
  3. Pistasjnøtt
  4. Ambohimena, 70 % mørk sjokolade
  5. Melkesjokolade, 45 %
  6. Mana, 70 % mørk